(65SCCRC500M): Spa Care™ Crystal Clear 500ML

Crystal Clear is fast acting, versatile natural clarifi er that is both NON-TOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE. Its unique formulation is specifi cally designed to.

  • Clarify the water using Crystal Clear.
  • Clear cloudy water and make it sparkle.
  • Aid in removal of fats, oils and suntan lotion.
  • Aid in removal of dissolved metals and dead algae spores.
  • Aid in prevention of scum line.

When there is a heavy bather load, an extra dose is advised as there will be additional body fats in the water which could cause cloudiness and foaming.

Important Notes

Spa Care™ Crystal Clear should be added in accordance with the directions given.
Do NOT overdose and ensure you get your water regularly checked by your local Lo-Chlor Dealer.

Did you know?

  •    The active constituent in Ultra Spa Plus 4 in 1 was originally used by the U.S. Navy to clear seawater for underwater photography.
  •    Today it is predominantly used as a fat metabolizer in medicine and it is now used widely in medical industries around the globe.
  •    Research has found Chitosan assists in prevention of cancer.


  • 500ML