LIQUID REAGENTS For Accurate Instantaneous Results.
The kit comprises of liquid reagents to ACCURATELY TEST FOR PHOSPHATE LEVELS in swimming pools.

The kit is a MUST for every pool professional.
Kit contains:
1 x 25ML Reagent A
2 x 25ML Reagent B
1 x 12ML vial
Instructions on how to test phosphates accurately

  • Fill 12ML tube with approximately 10mls pool or spa water
  • Add 5 drops Reagent A
  • Add 5 drops Reagent B
  • Shake well
  • Compare colour against chart provided

Important Notes

  • Ensure all living algae and algae spores are killed before you test for phosphates.
  • If algae are present the test result will read ZERO as the algae have consumed the phosphates.
  • Before testing kill algae by either Superchlorinating or using a Lo-Chlor Algaecide.
  • Store kits in cool dry conditions
  • Phosphate test kits have a 6 month shelf life

Important Tip
If the test result is positive and shows a result greater than 1ppm on the test chart you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • Fill vial with approximately 2mls pool or
  • spa water
  • Top up vial with approximately 8mls distilled / spring water
  • Add reagents as per instructions
  • Check results
  • Multiply results by a factor of four (4x) to give accurate reading.
  • If phosphate level is above 10ppm you should contact your Lo-Chlor professional for further advice