Andrew Simons

Andrew Simons the founder of Lo-Chlor chemicals (1946 – 2006) graduated as a pharmacist from Sydney University in the early 1970’s.

After graduating Andrew was quick to establish successful businesses in both  Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and later in his career in Sydney’s lower north shore.

During his tenure as a pharmacist Andrew worked closely with several hospitals and rehab centres and it was here (unbeknown to anyone) that Lo-Chlor Chemicals would be born.

Through his extensive work on assisting hospitals treat and maintain  their  hydrotherapy  and  rehabilitation  pools  Andrew was quick to discover copper sulphate and its role as the most effective form of algaecide (which is still the case today).

Still working as a pharmacist Andrew developed a low dose organo copper complex known as Lo-Chlor Pool Conditioner that was designed to kill and control algae and fungal infestations for an extended period of time. The main benefits of such a formulation were; it was low in concentration, it was not affected by the addition of chlorine compounds and was guaranteed not to stain pool surface
Andrew manufactured the algaecide from the garage of his home in Sydney’s east and sold box   after box at his pharmacy in Castlecrag, NSW.

The success that the product was met with was npt something that he could ignore and in 1979 Andrew sold up his pharmacies and rented a small factory in Marrickville, Sydney where he started producing the algaecide and what would ultimately become the largest range of specialised pool and spa chemicals seen around the globe.

Andrew was globally recognised as being one of the most knowledgeable and influential individuals in the field of pool chemistry. However, far more important than this, was the wonderful chemistry that he himself had with all those that he came in contact with
He only looked for the good in people and invariably found it. His warmth, sincerity, and ever smiling face captivated all who met him.
Times have changed at Lo-Chlor Chemicals from when it commenced business in 1979. From very humble beginnings, it is now widely recognised as being one of the largest companies involved in the manufacture of specialty swimming pool & spa chemicals. 
However, Andrew never changed. He always retained the same humility, dignity and respect for others that he had at the start. He never boasted of his achievements, instead preferring to display gratitude for the good fortune that he considered life had given him. 
Andrew always believed in helping others, endlessly putting their interests above his own. He was selfless to the utmost degree. 
The shocked and saddened reaction of the entire pool industry to the passing of Andrew Simons was an undeniable testament to the high esteem that he is still held in throughout the world.

About Us

Today the company (now owned and run by the Simons family) boasts more than 35 employees, has more than 60 specialty chemicals in its range and is recognised as a market leader around the globe.

Still located in Marrickville Lo-Chlor has a purpose built 2500 square metre facility where it manufactures and produces almost its entire range of specialised chemicals. 100% Australian owned and Australian made Lo-Chlor Chemicals and its staff continues Andrew’s legacy and his core business values. Lo-Chlor prides itself not only on service but customer satisfaction and product quality.

In 2006 Lo-Chlor re-established itself in the United States and Canada with the registration of Lo-Chlor Chemicals LLC. It offers a more condensed range of the Lo-Chlor specialty line in the United States but now boasts a full line of both liquid and dry chemicals to be sold throughout Canada and its province. Please feel free to visit the new US website

In 2007 Lo-Chlor established a European operation in The United Kingdom. In a bid to provide better service and faster deliver to its European distributors a full manufacturing facility is now in full swing as Lo-Chlor aims to strengthen is distribution throughout the European markets. Please feel free to visit the new UK website at 
Along with its vast distribution channel Lo-Chlor has the necessary infrastructure to fully support and supply the Professional Pool & Spa Market on a national basis. Lo-Chlor Chemicals and its experienced staff has the extensive Pool & Spa chemical knowledge, outstanding training skills, exceptional retailing experience and the logistical capabilities to better service the Professional Pool & Spa Market.

The passion and commitment of both the management and sales team together with their combined experience of over 200 years in the industry will ensure our customers  remain at the forefront  of the Pool & Spa Chemical market.

Lo-Chlor Chemicals has enjoyed consistent year on year sales growth since its inception. This growth can be attributed  to the consistent  supply of quality products,  and the continual personal attention paid to its customers by its committed sales team.

It holds market leadership in Specialty Pool & Spa Chemicals throughout several global markets and is seen as an innovator and leader in this specialised field. Technical expertise and intellectual know-how are resident with the experienced and skilled management and staff.