Hi Paul,

I’m using your product in a new Saphire spa and we’re loving it. It’s crystal clear and our little 6 month old can enjoy the spa with no issues.

Quick question: In using the blue tablet/kit to test the biguanide, my result is quite yellow….looks like zero or perhaps below, what does that mean? Should I skip a week of sanitasier?


Hayden Poole | Service Design Manager



Hi Jeff

As per our phone discussions I am e-mailing you to elaborate on some stunning success stories with the use of Lo-Chlor products and the knowledge gained through your very helpful and accessible tutorials.

We are on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and deal with customers from the domestic backyard pool to, commercial pools, swimming schools, hydrotherapy pools, and large resort pools.

We have had a very hot, humid but dry swim season which is still continuing into March, and we have been experiencing a greater level of Algal outbreaks this season. I would like to share a couple with you.

First a customer walked into the shop with a jar of water which contained a pinkish red material which presented in strands. I thought back to my Lo-Chlor tutorials and asked the customer if their pool was a Vinyl lined pool or Fiberglass pool and did the strands proliferate around the ladders and light fittings. With a positive response to both of these questions and the evidence in front of me I confidently diagnosed Pink Algae outbreak.

In my eleven years of experience I have only ever seen pink algae once before as it is more of a tropical algae. I advised the customer what was needed to treat the pool. We got the job and used Lo-Chlor Algae Knockout as part of the treatment.

I ran into the Customer a few weeks later and he was ecstatic about the results and said that he had been to 3 other pool shops, where no one knew what it was and advice ranged from emptying the pool to replacing the liner. We have got a customer for life and good word of mouth.

The second I was called to look at was an algal outbreak in a large resort pool of 1.2 million litres. On inspection I found it to have a very aggressive combination of what looked like Mustard and Green algae which gave a poor ascetic to the pool.

Due to the time of year, bather load, and the inability to close the pool for any extended period, I had to very carefully choose what treatment to recommend. My choice was Miraclear Algaecide and after complete treatment and the recommendation to use a monthly maintenance dose of the same, the results where outstanding. Equally importantly the feedback from the Maintenance Manager and Resort Manager were glowing. Can’t ask for better than that.

Thanks again Jeff for all your assistance.


Gary Druce

NSPI Accredited Specialist

Service Technician / Customer Liaison



Thankyou to everyone at Lochlor.

This company is not your usual supplier. They are proactive, happy to get their hands dirty and solve our more difficult on site problems.

Everyone I have dealt with in this company has been helpful and they exceed customer service standards every time.  I have never received a delivery late nor left short off stock due to back orders.

Their product is high quality but more importantly it works. I strongly encourage everyone to try this organisation .


Greg Raby
Managing Director
Poolside Solutions
104 Francis Street
Richmond  NSW 2753

Phone: 02 4588 6814
Fax:       02 4588 6815


My company has been dealing with LoChlor Chemicals for many years. Their range, quality, superior labelling and expertise is 2nd to none. Ordering is a breeze too... we fill in their order form, email it through and within a couple of hours we have the order confirmed with delivery the next day.
This is one company you can certainly rely on and we highly recommend LoChlor chemicals for all your speciality chemical requirements.

Mark Dean
Direct Pool Supplies
2/28 Pendlebury Rd
Cardiff 2285
Ph: 1300 POOL SHOP