Natural Water Polisher

100% Natural polymer that is totally biodegradable

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent water polisher suitable for all pool and spa applications.
  • Pura Blue Water Polisher is composed of Chitosan.
  • This is a natural product made from crushed crab, lobster and prawn shells.
  • Removes dissolved metals and oils from the water.
  • By reducing the level of body fats and oils, it actually enhances sanitiser activity.
  • Enhances filtration cycle, increasing time interval between backwash cycles.
  • Can be used with all known pool and spa treatments.
  • 100% bio-degradable.

Extra tips and benefits

  • Chitosan is derived from crushed crab and prawn shells. It is a truly natural polymer.
  • It removes body fats and suntan lotions unlike any other pool or spa clarifier
  • Ideal for indoor pools and spas
  • Safe to use where fish are present.
  • Unlike conventional floccing agents, this product does not deposit suspended matter on the floor of the pool. Suspended matter is filtered from the pool and it accumulates on the filter pads or filter media. This matter is removed when the filter is backwashed.


  • 250ML treats 30,000Litres pool water

Did you know?

  • The active constituent in Pura Blue Water Polisher (Chitosan) was originally used by the U.S. Navy to clear seawater for underwater photography.
  • Today it is predominantly used as a fat metabolizer in medicine and it is now used widely in medical industries around the globe
  • Research has found Chitosan assists in prevention of cancer.